I was born in 1989 in Esfahan, Iran. I became interested in computers and programming when I was 12. When my sisters found out about my interest, they gave me a copy of  “Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 24 Hours” as a birthday gift.

Reading that book and a few other programming books made me certain that majoring in a computer-related field was what I wanted. After taking the national university entrance exam in 2006, I chose software engineering as my intended major of study. I was accepted in the computer engineering program at Sheikhbahaee University.

When I finished my bachelor’s program, I worked on improving my skills and learned some new stuff (such as Android development which resulted in the creation of M2X Messenger). After a while I realized that there was still so much more to learn. The idea of doing a master’s degree popped into my head for the first time during that period.

After spending some time to learn about the application process and also improving my English, I was admitted to the Computer Science program at Brock University in 2012. The friendly and engaging environment of our department at Brock encouraged me to consider the doctorate level education. Doing research is what I enjoy the most and a PhD program will allow me to do exactly that.

I was admitted to the University of Central Florida (UCF). After I participated in a few courses and explored some research areas, I realized that the human-computer interaction field is best aligned with my interests. Hence, I joined the ISUE lab at UCF. What I love about the ISUE lab is that we get to put our theoretical knowledge into practice. We have a bunch of cool gadgets to tinker with and the best part is that Dr. LaViola encourages having fun and trying out new things.

I enjoy swimming, playing video games, listening to music and coding in my free time. Find out more about my open source projects here.