Work & Research

Research Interests:

My primary research interests lie in human-computer interaction (HCI) and computer vision. I am also interested in parallel computing and acceleration frameworks such as NVIDIA CUDA.

At UCF, my research was focused on leveraging sketch-based interfaces to support various robotic manipulation tasks. Our goal was to explore how sketch-based interfaces could be used to assist robots through geometry extraction, behavior modification, and guided autonomy. This research was supported by NSF Award IIS-1638060.


  • (2019) PhD Candidate, University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL, USA)
  • (2017) Master of Science in Computer Science (MS along the way), University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL, USA)
  • (2014) Master of Science in Computer Science, Brock University (St. Catharines, ON, Canada)
  • (2011) Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, Sheikhbahaee University (Esfahan, Esfahan, Iran)

Professional Experience:

  • (Since 2019)  Senior DriveWorks System Software Engineer, NVIDIA Corporation
  • (2017-2019)  DriveWorks System Software Engineer, NVIDIA Corporation
  • (2016)  Computer Vision Developer Technology Intern, NVIDIA Corporation


  • (2018) Eugene M. Taranta II, Mehran Maghoumi, Corey Pittman, Joseph J. LaViola Jr. “Synthetic Data Generation of Time Series Data”, US Patent 10,133,949



  • (2014) Real-time Automatic Object Classification and Tracking using Genetic Programming and NVIDIA CUDA, M.Sc. thesis
    [Project Page]
  • (2011) Implementation of a Fuzzy Decision Making Unit for the Nao Robot, undergraduate thesis, supervisor: Dr. Nasser Ghasem-Aghaee

Teaching Experience:

  • (2014) CDA 3103 – Computer Logic and Organization
  • (2014) CNT 3004 – Computer Networks
  • (2014) COSC 1P03 – Data Structures and Abstraction
  • (2013) COSC 3P98 – Computer Graphics
  • (2013) COSC 3P01 – Introduction to Computer Networking
  • (2012) APCO 1P01 – Applied Computing and Fluency with Technology
  • (2012) COSC 1P02 – Introduction to Computer Science

Awards and Honors: